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Everyone has their own personal trouble zone when it comes to their body. No matter what it is, everyone has at least one area they're self-conscious about. You know what won't fix it? Doing nothing! You know what will?

Lipo Light Red Light Therapy at iBody IQ

Lipo Light uses Non-Surgical Red Light Technology that Shrinks Fat and Contours your body without ANY effort and is now being offered in Carmel Indiana!

Trying to lose inches?

Attempted every diet, health plan and exercise program without any substantial results? Through the miracle of medical technology, there is now an answer: Lipo Light! With this exciting new procedure you simply lie on a table, let the machine go to work and have the inches literally melt off you! Using high-tech red light therapy, we can target your belly, thighs, chin or anywhere else on the body. Lipo Light can be used for spot reduction, body sculpting, body contouring and cellulite. It is the safe liposuction alternative and much less expensive than Zerona or I-Lipo. How does it work? The Lipo Light process is similar to the effects of exercise, only instead of hormones opening the fat cells, the lipo light does the job, right through the skin. The same triglycerides are removed from the fat cells and, as a result, the fat cells get smaller. Sound too good to be true? At iBody IQ in Carmel, we can show you just how easy it is.

What it is and isn't:

What it is! What it isn't!
  • Effortless and Easy
  • FDA approved technology
  • Pain Free
  • Proven Results
  • No Brainer for Losing Fat
  • Completely Safe
  • Not another Diet
  • Not Complicated
  • Not Surgery
  • Not Drugs
  • Not Another Gimmick
  • Not for Everyone

The Lipo Light Is a Non-Diet, Non-Invasive, Pain-Free Way to Lose Inches of Fat.

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The only thing you have to lose is FAT!

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